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This is the family website for the antecedents and descendants of Leib and Susan (nee Seckel) Joachim from Krotoschin (Krotoszyn), Posen, Prussia and for other branches of  our family tree.


Abraham and Isaac were the sons of Leib/Lewis Joachim and Susan/Suse nee Seckel. Leib Joachim was born circa 1794 and died in Krotoschin/Krotoszyn, Posen/Poznan, Prussia on the 24th August 1877. Susan/Suse Joachim nee Seckel was born circa 1797 and died on the 8th June 1877 in Krotoschin/Krotoszyn, Posen/Poznan, Prussia.


Abraham and Isaac were both born in Krotoschin/Krotoszyn. To date we have not found any other siblings although I feel quite sure there would have been other children given the age gap between the brothers. Isaac was born circa 1831 and Abraham was born circa 1838.


It is unclear when Isaac and Abraham Joachim arrived in Melbourne, Australia.


Abraham Joachim married Reyna Ottolangui on the 10th June 1868 at 39 Coventry St, Emerald Hill, Melbourne. At the time of his marriage he was residing at Little Lonsdale Street, West Melbourne, and gives his occupation as a 'Tailor'. The marriage was officiated by Moses Rintel (Minister) of the East Melbourne Hebrew Congregation.


Reyna Ottolangui was the daughter of Moses Ottolangui and Emma Bensabat(h) and was born in Spitalfields, London, England in 1845.


Abraham and Reyna owned a Pawnbrokers shop on Chapel Street, Windsor, just two doors from the railway line. Abraham and Reyna and their seven children lived above the shop.


In the late 1860's Chapel Street, was more like a country town than a thriving suburb, with just a few local industries, a flour mill, a chaff cutting shop, a stockyard and a couple of Hotels, however  it soon became an established business area.


In 1885 Reyna's father - Moses Ottolangui died.  Sometime later her mother Emma moved into Hanover Street. This may have been Reyna's home as the rear entrance was also via Hanover Street. Emma lived there until she passed away in 1898.


When Abraham died on the 4th October 1897, Reyna continued to live over the shop but now sold china and crockery downstairs, although she imported some of her stock, she also had a kiln out the back of the shop where she made pots for the shop.


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8. Sarah (Sadie) Joachim and Joseph Cowen




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